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Cheap and easy recipe for a delicious rabbit.

We used an “allioli” that we had saved (just garlic and olive oil in the traditional way). We put a couple of tablespoons of this mixture of garlic and oil in a pan on the fire. If you do not have allioli, just mash some garlic and mix with oil, and leave it to rest.  We cut the rabbit  into small pieces, sprinkle with salt and pepper. We fry the rabbit slowly until it’s nice and brown.  Now is the time to put a glass of brandy. We use a brandy that we make in a barrel at home, from sherry brandy. Remember when cooking with wine or spirits, the quality of these affects the outcome of the dish

Once the brandy is reduced, we put a glass of mellow wine. When the wine has also reduced, lower the heat and put a couple of ladles of broth (chicken or vegetables). Rectify salt and pepper if needed

Let it cook slowly about 12-15 minutes. Et voilà!!

These dishes are always better the next day !!!


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