Who are we?

We are Jordi Planas and Monica Ferré, both from Sitges, although we now live nearby. We like good food, to drink good wines and travel. As good food is usually quite expensive, and we love to cook, so we try to do all kinds of recipes. We have our original recipes (mostly) and others copied directly from the place where we ate …. If we go to a place and try something new, or something we had not eaten before, if we liked it, we try to do it at home. And almost always goes well … We try to be creative with our own recipes, we like to innovate in the kitchen. We do not care to mix ingredients that at first glance don’t seem to go well together, if we think that the results can be interesting.

We love  Eastern and Asian cuisine. Especially when traveling, which is not very often, we try to go to good restaurants of this kind. Therefore, many of the recipes you’ll find in our blog have this inspiration. Although they are Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine, we always try to give them a special touch. English cuisine has also influenced us a lot. We have relatives in the UK and try to visit them when we can. We follow some of the great English chefs like Heston Blumenthal, Jamie Oliver, James Martin, Anthony Demetre etc. In this blog you will find some recipe adapted from them.

It is clear that here we do not want to give cooking lessons to anyone! We done home cooking for us and our friends and neighbors, and we enjoy doing it.
In most ourvrecipes you’ll find here, you will not see grams or liters or measure units. Why? Well, for one simple reason: We do “eye cooking”. Like most people thet cook at home …. with bits, handfuls and unconventional units. If you need exact measurements, feel free to ask us and we’ll try to help you.

We hope you like our recipes and encourage you to do them!

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  1. Shirley just told me about your website. had to check it out. you have some very uquine recipes that sound really good. Look forward to reading here again. Have a great weekend.

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